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Dear God, 
Why don't you listen to me? Why don't you listen to people in general. If you love us, why let us suffer? My problems are insignificant compared to the problems of the world but I am just one person, and to me they were huge. 
Why, if you really do exist, do you let me feel so miserable? Why have I stopped feeling anything for things, I am living this sort of half-life; I converse and try to join in but I haven't the energy, nor the interest to pay much attention to anything other than my own failings. 
What was the point in making me so prone to anger. At the end of every day I have picked numerous fights just for the thrill. 
Why have you made me hate my body so much that I want to throw up just so guys will find me attractive. 
Where's the justification in making my life so suddenly boring that I'm considering experimenting with drugs just to add a little spice. 
Where's the divine intervention when I've sat in my room crying for hours over a bottle of alcohol because life seemed so awful. 
I'm not asking for the answer to life, the universe and everything in it. I'm asking for a little help when I need it. Is that so much to ask from someone who knows everything?
Before you go condemning me because I don't believe in you, prove to me you exist.
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