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To all I write this, in hope that someone out there has been in this situation or can even offer some advise that can help in the long run or mostly to help with the pain.

My name is Brenda, im 18 and just finished high school in Australia, here is my story.

My dad n mum have split up. over the past few weeks mum has found out alot bout dad that she didnt no. he drinks, excessively, hides it, goes down the river n drinks. drinks n drives. Most of the time he is drunk but we duno coz thats all we ever see him as. He went to AA but after 3 months stopped coz he was "curied!!"
He has also been gambelling large amounts of
money that we have also not known about eg $800 on a horse etc... he goes to strip shows during his lunch time at work and who knows wat else, lets just say mum has to have an AIDS test.  I have known about the strip shows for a while about 6months but as I was in year 12 did not think highly of it and didn’t want to disturb my studies.
5 days ago mum & i found out he had a secret bank account. putting in
money like $12,000 once a week or something, n withdrawing $800 a day or $1000 on one day even. In just over a month he had withdrawn $7000.
Few months ago I also caught  my dad peeing in the kitchen sink, because if he went to the toilet mum would no he has been dirnkin because he goes to the toilet alot
We sold our current house 8years ago looking to live elsewhere, but as the market was down not many people were selling so we started renting, dad invested the $200,000 we got for our house into the sharemarket, now that we know of we have nothing left, he put money in different companies, eg mining, and now he has lost the lot!
He is at his mothers now, as mum was driving him there she asked him wat the name of his finanical adviser (who we thought he was seeing at his work to try and save some of the money in the share market) and  there was no adviser. Then she asked how much
money we have in telstra shares, there were no telstra shares....we have nothing, we dont own our own house nor a car. we havenothing of value to sell.

mum n i went to the solicitor to talk bout the situation, n basically because we dont have nething (dad lost it all) that we cant get nething from him.
all we can try n get is a percentage of his super which he can get some in bout 2 weeks when he turns 55.... Mum n I are scared that if we cant get a freeze put onto his super that he will spend it all or loose his job, then we wont get nething. so basically it means that mum n i have to live off the $20,000 that she has saved up for my education, which after thinking bout it, if deakin cant do nething, i will take the yr off or be forced to drop out all together... dreams are made to be broken...
the solicitor also said that because he has acted for both mum n dad in the past that we should find another person in family law to talk to...but good thing is he didnt charge us the $480 he was ment to. it made mum n i cry...that we have nothing n he felt sorry for us....

If anyone can help me, for the future or mostly with the pain i am feeling now, it would be greatly apprecitated!!


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I'll pray for you. I'm sorry that's all I can do right now, but if you want to talk, I'll add you to my friends list. You can find ways to chat with me in my user info. I'll try to be around. Have faith. Keep praying. This is a bad situation you're in, but all things balance out in the end. I'll pray.

thank you.