Jessica (moovelvet) wrote in dear_god_its_me,

The first entry

Well I created this community because I'm in pain over many a thing. I'll probably be the most often poster and I'm okay with that. And so today I ask for help with my break up with Sean. I hurt him, I hate hurting people. I want him to not hurt. I had to do it, I needed to not be in a relationship. I feel so wrong. So very very wrong.
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December 12 2003, 13:31:54 UTC 13 years ago

You aren't wrong. You knew that you shouldn't be in a relationship, ( i think ) so you got out. If he truely cares about you he would understand and back you. I think if you give him time he will come around, and you guys can become friends. :-)
I hope we can become friends again, its just a little different. I still love my friends, only in a friend way. So I'll still care about him.

Who's this from? I just like knowing lol.


December 15 2003, 08:04:37 UTC 13 years ago

This is...i think this is Lisa. Yes! My name is Lisa :) I hope i can be some help, and i don't piss you off with my comments :)
Hi Lisa, how'd you find my journal? I find it interesting when I get anon comments. You know, that journals are free again, and anyone can get one.


December 15 2003, 08:28:41 UTC 13 years ago

A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, etc. I was just looking around and some how i go to yours. You have so many friends, and so much stuff, so i started looking around. i hope you don't mind :)
That's awesome, I do have a lot of people on my info page don't I. I dont read them all, all the time. I feel bad for that. I don't think a lot of people read me either. You're welcome to stick around.


December 15 2003, 23:22:52 UTC 13 years ago

Thanks, i think i will. Maybe i will be able to help, if thats possible :)
Its not all about being helped, I guess its about expression, but if you want to shed insight onto something I write. Go for it.